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Breakfast Sandwich

Yesterday was mostly a disaster. I went to the grocery store while hungry. This is not good for budgeting. I never get a cart at the grocery store, always a basket. I feel like the basket will help control the amount of things I’m able to purchase. Not the case yesterday. I was lugging around a LOT of heavy shit. And I had my reusable bags with me, so I started using one of those like a second basket. The store was so fucking crowded, and I was plowing through people with my shoulders desperately trying to stay in their sockets, determined to get everything I “needed” in one trip.

It didn’t help that I was painfully sick of eating beans and rice. I went off the deep end, guys. I mean, I bought 4 different types of cheese. Four.

I even bought bacon.

And basil (not in season!).

And pine nuts.

It was chaos.

Once I got home and ate something, I calmed down a little bit. Then I immediately started planning out meals in my head to make this all last as long as fucking possible. It’s going to be okay. It doesn’t matter that I’ve already spent over half of my monthly food budget on one night out to dinner, plus this crazy grocery store visit.

I mean, I bought English muffins. Who am I?

This was my first time buying meat in almost a month, and I stuck to small amounts. I consider one slice of bacon a serving. It was still unnecessarily expensive, but it’ll last awhile.

I also made all that basil, pine nuts, and cheese into pesto and froze it. That’s 16 servings of pesto, which is exciting. Now I can start making pizza again! There is nothing better than mushroom, spinach, pesto pizza.

Except maybe a homemade  breakfast sandwich. I never make these things, but decided to start my Sunday with one this week. Why the hell not? I have all the ingredients just lying around, since I lost my mind at the store. This is a really simple recipe, and can be made into several different variations. Here’s my version.

Breakfast Sandwich

1 egg

Splash of half and half (or milk)

1 English muffin

1 slice bacon

2 slices cheddar cheese



Salt and pepper

Cut English muffin in half, and place in toaster. Whisk the egg with the half and half, and pour into a small skillet. Add salt and pepper. Once the egg has cooked through, add the cheese on one side, and fold over (like you’re making an omelette). Once cheese has melted a little bit, use spatula to cut the omelette in half. Take English muffin out of toaster, and butter both halves. Place one half of the omelette onto one side of the English muffin, then top with bacon*, spinach, other half of the omelette, and top with the English muffin.

Pair this with a cup of homemade coffee, and be proud that you avoided the drive through.

*For the bacon, I always cook it in the microwave. Don’t judge me. One minute per slice. It works perfectly every time. Other people swear by the oven method… I just don’t eat enough bacon for this to be worth the time involved. Do what you want.


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