Meet the Old Kitchen


This is my tiny ass kitchen. I often use the sink and stove as extra counter space when baking. The glass cabinets that frame the entrance are as organized as they’ll ever be. I know they’re a mess, but what the fuck am I supposed to do?





You’ll see here that my oven is so close to my cabinets that it’s impossible to fully open said cabinets. It is what it is. I’m honestly just happy I have a full sized oven.




You’ll notice a messy as fuck teal Ikea cart next to the sink. This is FULL OF SHIT (reusable cups, dish towels, replacement light bulbs and tealight candles, a giant change jar, a blender). It’s a catch-all for sure.



IMG_20190202_081413.jpgThis is literally all my counter space. I was reluctant to fill half of it with a Kitchen Aid mixer, but it was gifted to me by a good friend. Plus, I actually use it a lot. It’s important to make space for things that bring you joy.



I have tons of cabinets considering the size of this kitchen. That little space next to the oven is where I keep my step stool to reach all the cabinets, which house my lesser used items (plastic cake carrier, bundt pan, thousands of mason jars, etc). The doors above my microwave are hiding various cleaning supplies, as well as my toaster. The eye-level cabinets hold all my snacks, spices, dry goods, and baking supplies. That’s the only place that is relatively organized.





That cute yellow square was added when my ex tried to hang a spice shelf, but ended up making a bunch of huge holes in the wall instead. After filling the holes, I made the executive decision to paint over them and hang the strainers. I’m a pretty resourceful lady. Those pans are always stored on top of the stove. Technically they could fit in the bottom cabinets with the other pans, but I’m far too lazy to be moving them around all the time.





This is my sink (aka – an extra counter and a place for Bourdain to steal bits of leftover butter stuck to knives). No, I do not have a dishwasher. I won’t lie to you – the dirty dishes situation is a fucking nightmare.



Anyone else suffer from Tiny Ass Kitchen Syndrome? How do you handle it? Any organization tips?