Meet the Author

My name is Kelsey, and I have a tiny ass kitchen in Minneapolis. Some of my earliest memories consist of sneaking cookie dough from the kitchen when my mom was distracted during her baking projects. I was also notorious for sticking my finger in the butter, which I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit. My love affair with food started at a very young age, but I didn’t bother learning to cook with real food until my mid-twenties. Before that, I mostly ate pasta, sandwiches, mac and cheese from a box, and frozen meals. It was a dark time.

After talking wistfully about starting a food blog for several years, I finally started Kelsey’s Kitchen in 2015. As of January 2019, the name was changed to Tiny Ass Kitchen, as the name felt like a better fit. Most of my writing is in the style of how I speak in regular conversation. That means a bit of cursing (or more than a bit depending on my mood). All of my recipes are vegetarian, with the exception of one chicken recipe from back when I ate meat. I love to follow detailed, time consuming recipes on occasion, but most of what you’ll find here is simple food with minimal ingredients and minimal cooking utensils. You can only have so many pots, pans, and appliances in a tiny ass kitchen like mine. Not sure where to start? Try here.

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2 thoughts on “Meet the Author

  1. I love the stuff you added! You were right, too, about looking at it on a computer versus on my phone (which is normally what’s available when I have time to day dream about having time to cook). Glad I took a moment to check it out! Also, computers are much easier to leave comments on, who knew?? ❤


    1. Ahhhh! I should have looked at all the functions before I commented. I LOVE the archive area. I often times am reminded of a certain recipe while we are talking and found it a bit difficult to go look for it. Now it’s all in one spot and I can just browse what I feel ready to cook. 🙂


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