Meet the New Kitchen

IMG_20190625_134806.jpgI have upgraded from a tiny ass kitchen to a somewhat medium ass kitchen. To me, it feels gigantic, and I never once thought I’d be able to fill it’s cabinets. I was silly and stupid. I had to get little organizer shelves for these deep ass cabinets, and they still struggle to contain all of my baking supplies.



What is really exciting about this kitchen is the fact that it has a dishwasher. I use it literally every other day. This is excessive, and I am aware. However! I bake a lot, and my mental health is worth it. So fuck off with your judgement.

Notice the shit on the top of the cabinets? Yeah, that’s where all of our plants went to die. It’s literally a plant graveyard, and I’m sad about it every day.






You see all that cabinet space? FULL TO THE FUCKING BRIM. Also, that painting? It’s literally just resting on a pipe, because we do not know how to hang anything on the brick wall. It fell down once when we were watching Unsolved Mysteries and scared the shit out of us.




This peninsula counter is a fucking dream. I’ve always wanted a breakfast bar, and here it fucking is. T and I eat breakfast here every morning. This is also where I line up all of my cooling racks when I’m in a baking frenzy.









The kitchen opens up into the living room, which is a huge change from my last place, and makes it feel even bigger. We’re still working on those white walls, but the place is coming along.

I lived with and cooked in a tiny ass kitchen for 7.5 years. Everything I make can be made in the tiniest of kitchens as long as you have enough patience and organization.

I’ve earned the name Tiny Ass Kitchen, and I intend to keep it.