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Y’all still out there? I had something mortifying happen today. Someone that is going to help me write a business plan read this blog. AND SHE LIKED IT. It got me thinking about writing, and missing sharing my life with y’all, so here I am. How is everyone doing? Do I still have any subscribers? More importantly, are those subscribers going to get an email about this post and be like, “What blog?”

Me screaming into the void. I have a lot of feelings this week.

It’s fall here in Minnesota. Remember my intense hatred of all things autumnal? Well, get ready, fuckers! This bitch loves fall now! I think it’s a side effect of being cooped up so much during the pandemic. I just crave CHANGE after everything looking the SAME for so long (being stuck inside). The leaves are currently changing, and it’s a goddamn delight. Relish in these moments, y’all.

It’s been too fucking hot here to properly enjoy the season, but tomorrow it’s going to be whopping 55 degrees and I am fucking THRILLED. Hello, sweaters. Hello, HOT coffee. Perhaps it’ll even finally be cold enough for leg warmers (wait, have these gone back out of style? Gen Z, don’t tell me. I can’t handle the answer).

The face I make when it finally gets chilly outside.

The cooler weather means it’ll be that much easier to bake and keep cakes looking their best in transit. I’ve been baking and decorating up a storm in my tiny ass kitchen. We moved to a new apartment in 2021, and with it brought a new tiny ass kitchen into our lives. Our last kitchen was actually pretty big, but this one brings me back to my roots (I mean, not quite, since it’s a luxury building with weirdly small kitchens rather than the OG type of tiny ass kitchen in which I started this blog). This new kitchen has been the home base for my home bakery, Eat Me Bakery. I’ve been selling at farmer’s markets at least once a week all summer long, along with many special orders each month. In fact, it even helped me to …. (drum roll please)… QUIT MY JOB. That’s right. I no longer have a full time job after working 10.5 years in veterinary medicine. Baking is now my life, and I plan to open a brick and mortar (outside of my home) bakery sometime next year. Hence the need for a business plan. If anyone has advice for getting over the initial fear-induced hump of starting the process of writing a business plan, please email me. I need all the help I can get (and I’m already getting SO much help – really, I’m truly grateful).

All of my cake decorating has lead me to this. The blue guy is what I looked like after finishing this cake.

This blog post doesn’t have a recipe. Though recipes will come back. This post is just to say hello again. I’m still here, and I hope you are, too.

Recent cakes:

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