A Christmas Story

T has this annoying habit of not having any sweets at his place, outside of Belvita cookies (which hardly count). Occasionally I want something sweet after dinner and grab a pack of those cookies. On two separate occasions I have gone to grab a pack, only to find that the box left in the cabinet is completely EMPTY. It fills me with rage, but T finds it endlessly funny.

He and I decided to start a tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve. He chose one for me to open last night, handling it gently and cautioning me that it was fragile. He’s not someone to purchase something delicate, so I was extremely curious. I very carefully ripped open the paper, and, as the contents were revealed, T yelled out, “You’ve been bamboozled!”

It was an empty box of Belvita cookies.

Merry Christmas everyone! Be back next week with a real post. ❤️

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